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Friday November 10, 2017 – Inaugural New England AAPOR Student Survey Research Poster Symposium & Reception

  1. Participating student posters

November 16th, 2016 – Election Postmortem: An Expert Panel on Polling the 2016 Presidential Election

  1. The Year of the isms: How Understanding 2016 Requires Re-thinking What Pollsters Ask. Brian Schaffner, Professor of Political Science at UMass Amherst and Founding Director of the UMass Poll
  2. Election 2016: Insights from Massachusetts. Tim Vercelotti, Professor of Political Science at Western New England University and Director of the WNEU Polling Institute
  3. UNH 2016 Election Polls. Andrew Smith, Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire and Director of the UNH Survey Center

February 13th, 2015 – New Frontiers in Preventing, Detecting, and Remediating Fabrication in Survey Research (Abstracts Booklet)


  1. View SlidesRegina Faranda – US Department of State, “The Cheater Problem Revisited: Lessons from Six Decades of State Department Polling”
  2. View SlidesRita Thissen – RTI International, “Systems and Processes for Assuring Data Quality”
  3. View SlidesMichael Robbins – Arab Barometer, “Preventing Data Falsification in Survey Research: Lessons from the Arab Barometer”


  1. View SlidesFritz Scheuren, NORC
  2. View SlidesAlan Zaslavski

Video  Replay

  • Part 1: Welcome and presentations. This includes welcoming remarks from the organizers, framing remarks from Fritz Scheuren, and the three presentations in the order shown above.

  • Part 2: Discussants and panel discussion. This includes comments from Alan Zaslavski and Fritz Scheuren, followed by a Q&A with the panel of presenters and discussants.