NEAAPOR is back

We are pleased to announce the rejuvenation of the New England Chapter of AAPOR (NEAAPOR)! As our incorporation process nears completion, NEAAPOR is excited to start down the path of becoming a valuable part of the survey research community both locally and nationally. With a host of leading researchers working across many sectors and in many settings, we are looking forward to building NEAAPOR into a strong and vibrant chapter.

For the first year, NEAAPOR will focus on three main goals:

  • Organize a series of compelling workshops, lectures and panel discussions so that we can learn together and network with our fellow researchers in the area.
  • Grow our membership by reaching out to active AAPOR members who live in our area but are not yet current NEAAPOR members – as well as other non-AAPOR researchers.
  • Build a sustainable NEAAPOR infrastructure – contact lists, website, social media presence, sound financials, and so on – to put the chapter on solid footing for years to come.

New England covers a big region, so NEAAPOR will work to bring events to a city near you rather than holding all of them in one or two locations. In terms of topics, we also have a vast range of expertise represented in our membership, and could access top-level researchers on both substantive and methodological subjects of interest. So think creatively about topics and formats — and please let us know what you think.

Keep up with us on Twitter: @NEAAPOR.

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